Frequently Asked Questions

Here a re a list of some frequently asked questions by our clients. If you don’t find the answer you seek, please feel free to contact us.

IT Service Management (ITSM), in simple terms, describes all of the activities and processes required to design, develop, deploy, operate, and support IT services. It has a focus on continuous improvement, and places customers first, as opposed to the technology.

ITIL is a best practice framework used by 1000s of organisations worldwide to help provide reliable IT services. It is made up of a number topic areas that enable organisations to provide their customers with efficient and effective IT services.

Service Transition is one of the core aspects of ITIL service management. It describes the set of processes required to effectively take a new or changed system, and move it into live operation. It does this through a coordinated set of processes all designed to minimise risk to an organisation.

Change Management is part of Service Transition and is the process used by organisations worldwide to manage the risk to live services of making changes to IT systems and processes.

ITIL and Agile, at first glance, could seem like polar opposites however this is not the case at all. An effective Service Management professional undertsands that Agile developments have a place for effective service management.

We can help you understand how to better manage your Agile delivered IT services.

IT Security, if implemented and managed properly in first place can reduce companies costs. It helps companies address their most valuable and critical assets and the threats threatening to those assets. Doing so, company can point it's resources to securing it's most valuable assets while reducing overall costs of IT Security.

This is process that includes services like penetration testing and software security.

Security Incident Management is one part of our IT Security Consultancy services where ConsultingPress provides detailed procedures for dealing and mitigating security incidents

There are couple of good reasons to invest in It Security with COnsultingPress, including improved security and reduces costs, reduced potential threat impact on your business, increased efficiency and improved compliance.